Block Puzzle is a simple puzzle game where you have to fill up the board with blocks. You can drag and drop the blocks to move them around. The goal is to fill up an entire row or column with blocks.

When you fill up a row or column, it will disappear and you will get points.

Block Puzzle game

Block Puzzle Tips

Make Enough Empty Space

If you are running low on empty space, try to prioritize filling up rows and columns with blocks. This will give you more empty space to work with.

Avoid Sharp Edges

Avoid making odd shapes with sharp edges on the board. This will make it harder to fill up rows and columns with blocks. Try to keep the board as flat as possible with minimal sharp edges.

Plan Ahead

Try to look at the next piece queue and plan a few steps ahead. This will help you to make better use of the current piece and the next few pieces.

Block Puzzle AI Solver

If you are having trouble getting high scores on Block Puzzle game, you can use the AI to solve the puzzle for you.

AI Simulator: Block Puzzle is a game where you can use the AI to solve the puzzle for you.

You start out with a very simple random AI, which will randomly place the blocks.

You can unlock more advanced AIs using chips you earn from playing the game.

How to get more chips

You can get chips by playing the game. You can also get double chips by watching ads at the end of each game.

By upgrading to Pro, you can get 2x chips for every game automatically without having to watch ads.

Which AI should I use?

Block Puzzle AI algorithms

At the beginning, you should try to get CLLI (Clear Line Heuristic) in Basic Heuristics as soon as possible. It is the most basic AI that can solve the first few levels.

After that, you can try to get the other AIs such as HEUR (Heuristics) in Advanced Heuristics. These algorithms combine different heuristics together and are more powerful than algorithms in Basic Heuristics.

Algorithms such as MOCA (Monte Carlo Simulation) use Monte Carlo Methods to simulate many possible moves and choose the best move. These algorithms are quite powerful but very slow.

Eventually, you can unlock machine learning algorithms such as Deep Q-Learning (DQN) and Proximal Policy Optimization (PPO). These algorithms are very powerful, but they need a lot of training to get good results.

How to train machine learning algorithms

It is good to use the default parameters for machine learning algorithms if you are just starting out. After you get the hang of it, you can try to tune the parameters to get better results.

You can learn more about how to train DQN algorithm here and PPO algorithm here.

Download AI Simulator: Block Puzzle to try it out yourself!

AI Simulator: Block Puzzle

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