Latest patch notes for AI Simulator games.

AI Simulator: Block Puzzle

Minor Update 1.2.44

14 April, 2023

  • Fixed an issue where navigation bar would constantly appear and disappear on certain devices

Minor Update 1.2.43

13 April, 2023

  • Fixed an issue causing first training of PPO to crash in certain cases
  • Fixed an issue preventing game from starting in certain cases
  • Attempted fix for rare data loss issue

Minor Update 1.2.42

10 April, 2023

  • Fixed a crash and wild fps numbers related to Multi-Run upgrade

Major Update 1.2.40

08 April, 2023

  • Allowed high scores to be recorded during training mode
  • Added sharing feature to allow sharing high scores and model training progress easily
  • Added username on home screen

Major Update 1.2.39

04 April, 2023

  • Added a new machine learning algorithm: PPO
  • Added two different modes for machine learning algorithms: Training Mode and Playing Mode
  • Changed DQN leaderboard to ML leaderboard
  • Added Multi-Run upgrade to run multiple games back to back

Minor Update 1.1.32

13 March, 2023

  • Added onboarding guide for new players
  • Made early CPU upgrades slightly faster

Minor Update 1.1.31

9 March, 2023

  • Fixed a crash due to no valid moves
  • Slightly increased Game FPS cap

Minor Update 1.1.30

7 March, 2023

  • Added error tracking
  • Fixed review prompt not showing up
  • Various performance improvements

Official Launch 1.1.26

AI Simulator: Block Puzzle Official Launch

04 March, 2023

  • Added prompt for submitting your own algorithm
  • Added FPS counter upgrade
  • Split Advanced Training Mode upgrade to Render Mode upgrades and Batch Solver upgrade
  • Change symbols in Text Mode to X and O.

Beta 1.1.23

25 February, 2023

  • Added first machine learning algorithm: DQN
  • Added Advanced Training Mode upgrade for machine learning algorithms
  • Optimized rendering performance of main game screen

Beta 1.0.17

27 December, 2022

  • Added more algorithms
  • Added a new ranked level - Zigzag
  • Adjusted campaign levels so that they end immediately after reaching score threshold
  • Adjusted endgame level balances
  • Optimized performance of existing algorithms
  • Improved UI and animations

Beta 1.0.13

17 December, 2022

  • Added Level 10 in campaign and Master Level in endgame
  • Added more algorithms
  • Added Next shape queue upgrade
  • Added Global leaderboard for Ranked and Master levels
  • Added in-game achievements
  • Optimized performance of existing algorithms
  • Improved UI and animations

Beta 1.0.10

20 November, 2022

  • Level system: 11 Levels (9 campaign and 2 endgame)
  • Pro upgrade for ad-free playing and color themes
  • More algorithms
  • Local leaderboard
  • Improved UI and animations

Alpha 1.0.4

31 October, 2022

  • Basic game play with 3 algorithms to choose from
  • Basic upgrades: speed and AI log
  • Basic game animation
  • Background music

AI Simulator: Robot

Minor Update 1.3.55

3 April, 2023

  • Added highlight effect to buttons during tutorial
  • Fixed game stuck at loading when device is offline
  • Make player ID copyable
  • Minor UI/UX adjustments

Minor Update 1.3.45

7 October, 2022

  • Added an option to reset parameters of an algorithm
  • Added a new color scheme - Mono (Monochrome)
  • Minor UI/UX adjustments

Minor Update 1.3.43

4 October, 2022

  • Added a new algorithm: PMGS.
  • Migrated runtime engine from JSC to Hermes for improved performance and stability.
  • Adjust cost for various algorithms according to their relative power.
  • Added AI and map information on gameover and game history screen.

Minor Update 1.3.41

1 October, 2022

  • Game Re-balancing Changes:
    • Removed hidden nerfs for long games.
    • Added explicit battery capacity degradation as the robot makes movements.
    • Adjusted score multiplier for map size 8 accordingly.
  • Added information on move count and battery capacity on game screen.

Minor Update 1.3.39

30 September, 2022

  • Added in-game achievements.
  • Added player ID and link to patch notes in the menu modal.
  • Renamed Text Mode to Advanced Mode, which now gives the ability to view game history.
  • Updated a number of 3rd party libraries.

Minor Update 1.3.38

28 September, 2022

  • Added Multi-Run upgrade. You can now run 5/10 games in one go!
  • Added game history for past 10 games.
  • Adjusted ad chip multiplier effect from 3 games to 5 games.
  • Improved new player onboarding guide.

Hotfix 1.3.35

14 September, 2022

  • Fixed issue where game stuck at loading screen

Minor Update 1.3.34

9 September, 2022

  • Fixed UI bug with custom map slots
  • Improved tutorial experience for new players
  • Fixed UI bug with game status bar
  • Fixed UI bug with home screen layout
  • Various game balance tweaking to reduce RNG

Major Update 1.3: Machine Learning

4 September, 2022

Major Update 1.3: Machine Learning

Machine Learning has arrived!

  • Added new machine learning algorithm - DQN. You can train your own DQN model.
  • Added global leaderboard for DQN.
  • Added model management screen.
  • Added stats and progress for model training.
  • Added default value information for all parameters for reference.
  • Moved color schemes to robot upgrade screen for better visibility.

Major Update 1.2.21

17 August, 2022

  • Map editor is now available. Design your own map and play it.
  • Added more end-game stats and made it look cleaner.
  • Added a compensation code system for unexpected game data loss.
  • Upgrade cost re-balancing.
  • Various performance optimizations and bug fixes.

Minor Update 1.1.18

06 August, 2022

  • Improved tutorial experience for new players.
  • Added a restart option. This allows replaying the game with the same layout of obstacles.

Official Game Launch

05 August, 2022

Minor Update 1.1.16

30 July, 2022

  • Added a new upgrade - Robot Log
  • Added target cell information on the map.
  • Added more statistics on the game-over screen.

Major Update 1.1.15

27 July, 2022

  • Added a new algorithm - HOMO.
  • Added a new algorithm - BFSD.
  • Added a new map size.
  • Added new tiers for battery upgrade.
  • Redesigned home page layout.
  • Added description of distance measure. Configuration of distance measure will be added in the future.
  • Added restore purchase option and privacy policy link.
  • Added exit confirmation for pressing back button during a game.
  • Various UI/UX fixes.

Major Update 1.1.11

24 July, 2022

  • Added a new algorithm - A*.
  • Moved robot upgrades to a separate screen.
  • Added more methods to obtain chips.
  • Added help texts when tapping on objects.
  • Added in-app purchase for Pro status.
  • Fixed minimum random move chance to be 1% to avoid never-ending games in rare occasions.
  • Fixed extremely high game scores due to extremely lucky maps.
  • Fixed orientation on tablet devices.
  • Fixed a crash caused by reward ad.
  • Various game balance tweaks.

Major Update 1.0.3

22 July, 2022

  • Added a new algorithm.
  • Added board size 7 upgrade.
  • Added battery capacity upgrades.
  • Added in-game feedback system.
  • Added new-player help.
  • Various game balance tweaks.

First Beta 1.0.0

16 July, 2022

AI Simulator: 2048

Minor Update 1.10.86

08 July, 2022

  • Fixed an issue where invalid characters in user name cause the game to crash.
  • Fixed an issue where Auto Restart Tokens are not display correctly.
  • Adjusted button height on smaller devices.

Major Update 1.10.83

05 July, 2022

  • Changed auto restart into token-based system for game balancing.
  • You can purchase auto restart tokens using chips, or by watching an ad.
  • Pro status gives you unlimited auto restart tokens.

Major Update 1.9.78

20 June, 2022

  • Added achievements.
  • Slightly adjusted max speed for better game balancing.
  • Various UI/UX improvements.

Major Update 1.7.76

16 June, 2022

  • Changed the way chips are obtained - They are now obtained with each move, not after the game has ended.
  • Added guides for all parameters to better explain what they do.
  • Added button hints for new players to explore algorithms and upgrades.
  • Simplified the initial tutorial / help page.
  • Removed the button to end the game pre-maturely as it is no longer needed.
  • Removed the button to reset high scores as it is no longer needed.
  • Various UI/UX improvements.

Major Update 1.6.66

07 June, 2022

  • Added two new algorithms - AMGS and TMGS. They are variants of PMGS but better in different ways.
    • Credit goes to Loopiloop (TMGS) and everyone. (AMGS) for the ideas.
  • Fixed an issue with PMGS implementation, it now has a better performance at a cost of slightly slow speed.
  • Displayed Discord and Twitter buttons more prominently.
  • Updated Pro status description.
  • Fixed analytics bugs and certain crashes.

Major Update 1.6.65

03 June, 2022

  • Added lifetime Pro status as an in-app-purchase item
  • Pro status gives you the following benefits:
    • Remove ad banner on home screen
    • Choose from 4 color schemes
    • Get a 2x chip multiplier (permanent)

Minor Update 1.5.51

22 February 2022

  • Added a brand new “AI”! (Thanks for the feedback)
  • Added a way to end the game prematurely and obtain chips right away. (Thanks for the feedback)
  • Fixed UI issue when language is Hebrew (RTL). (Thanks for the feedback)

Major Update 1.5.41

24 January, 2022

  • Added global leaderboard. Get competitive with other AIs!

Major Update 1.5.38: tf.js Engine

04 January, 2022

  • Integrated tf.js as new AI engine for improved performance, scalability and capabilities.
  • Improved user experience saving (exporting) and loading (importing) models. You can now save models within the game itself.
  • Added stats and speed upgrade to enhance the training experience and training speed of machine learning models.
  • Reduced the lower bound of epsilon to zero (completely deterministic).
  • Enabled higher precision when adjusting epsilon value.