AI Simulator: Robot

Navigate maze with AI
Upgrade your robot
Get the highest score

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AI Simulator: Robot Gameplay Animation

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Really Interesting

Tyler ★★★★★

It might look basic but it's really interesting to learn how AI learns to move while at the same time trying to unlock new elements of the game.

Fun to Play and Really Intuitive

ceilingtile ★★★★★

honestly i have no idea what any of these algorithms really mean but the game is so fun to play and pick up that its really intuitive, tweaking the algorithms is as simple as moving a slider. really makes learning about these algorithms really fun! also it doesnt throw everything at you at once, i find the progression literally perfect

About the Game

Navigate maze with artificial intelligence and machine learning!

Unique Game Style

Control AI to play the game for you. Experience the unique concept of idle game play that mimic classic snake and maze puzzle solver.

AI Auto Play

Setup AI for your robot and enjoy watching idle gameplay running automatic simulation. Unlocking more advanced algorithms for your robot. Choose from Baseline Random, Classic Heuristics, Classic Search (BFS, DFS), A*, Monte Carlo methods, DQN and many more to be added.

Training Your Own Model

Train your own neural network from scratch. This game is powered by the popular machine learning engine Tensorflow. Experience what it is like to be a skillful machine learning / AI engineer. Training progress is automatically saved so you can train for as long as you want.

Fine tuning parameters

Many parameters can be adjusted and tuned to to make smart AI. Customize each algorithm, including search depth, priority of various moves and many more.

Upgrade your AI capabilities

Earn chips by playing the game and purchase upgrades to unlock many new powers and quality-of-life (QOL) capabilities. Upgrades include faster solve speed and more to be added. Have fun playing as an indie AFK game.

Get the highest high score

Run simulations to find out what’s the best AI algorithm and parameters. Record your high scores together with the setup you used at the end of each game. Use your past performance to tune the AI and achieve new scores. How high can you get? The sky is the limit!

Compete on global leaderboard

Submit your high score to the global leaderboard, compete against other AIs to achieve the ultimate global high score.


  • Smart game concept inspired by classic snake game and maze puzzle games (snake ai)
  • Automatic game play suitable for idle AFK playing
  • Train your own deep learning neural network models (DQN)
  • Machine learning powered by tf.js (Tensorflow) engine to give an authentic AI experience
  • Save and load machine learning model training progress
  • Visualize path finding algorithms
  • Customizable and upgradable AI algorithms and parameters
  • Upgrade speed for even faster AI solving speed
  • New game from the creator of popular game AI Simulator: 2048

AI Simulator: Robot

Navigate maze with AI
Upgrade your robot
Get the highest score

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