AI Puzzle Solver

AI Simulator is the leading puzzle solver AI, allowing players to play puzzle games with advanced AI and machine learning.

Puzzle Game AI

Use AI to solve puzzle games. Super charge your game progression with AI simulation. Leverage latest cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology.

AI Simulator: Block Gameplay Animation

Love the Concept

Kian ★★★★★

Really great game, love the concept and it is executed perfectly! Would definitely recommend it to anyone.

Super Fun and Interesting

Connor ★★★★★

Super fun and interesting game! The community is super nice, and supportive! Overall it's an amazing game!

AI Simulator: Block Puzzle

Classic Block Puzzle Game
Smart AI Auto Play
Idle AFK Experience

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AFK Playstyle

AI plays the game automatically without any human interference. Relax and watch the numbers go up, while AI do the hard work for you.

AI Simulator: Robot Gameplay Animation

Really Interesting

Tyler ★★★★★

It might look basic but it's really interesting to learn how AI learns to move while at the same time trying to unlock new elements of the game.

Fun to Play and Really Intuitive

ceilingtile ★★★★★

honestly i have no idea what any of these algorithms really mean but the game is so fun to play and pick up that its really intuitive, tweaking the algorithms is as simple as moving a slider. really makes learning about these algorithms really fun! also it doesnt throw everything at you at once, i find the progression literally perfect

AI Simulator: Robot

Navigate maze with AI
Upgrade your robot
Get the highest score

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Create Your Own AI

Tune AI parameters to maximize performance and speed. Experiment and train machine learning models. Millions of combinations and endless possibilities.

AI Simulator: 2048 Gameplay Animation

Fun As Hell

Kay ★★★★★

love everything about it fun as hell if you're just getting into Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Really Cool

Ashley ★★★★★

Honestly a really cool way to watch AI and learn a bit about it through this game. I recommend it!

AI Simulator: 2048

Play with numbers
Train machine learning models
See the stats grow

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On-Device Machine Learning

Powered by real AI and machine learning. Models run locally on the mobile device for both training and inference. No remote server needed.